The Best Restaurants in Honolulu

Honolulu restaurants have developed into quite the food scene. Dining options run the gamut from high-end restaurants to side-of-the-road eateries. The options range vastly, including typical Hawaiian cuisine, sushi, classic American fare, and European favorites. Here are some of the best restaurants in Honolulu for you to check out on your next trip to Hawaii.



Senia The Best Restaurants in Honolulu
Photo Courtesy of Senia


Senia had one of the most buzzed-about openings in Honolulu and it continues to live up to the hype. The mission behind this sensational restaurant is this: “Senia was created with one goal in mind – to create a convivial, comfortable environment where guests will enjoy delicious food, well-crafted drinks, and a thoughtfully curated wine selection. It is a collaboration between Chef Chris Kajioka and Chef Anthony Rush to showcase the bounty of Hawaii and forge a new path on their culinary evolution.” Honolulu restaurants do not get much better than this!

The Pig & the Lady


The Pig & the Lady Honolulu Restaurants
Photo Courtesy of Pig & Lady


This restaurant describes their menu as “cooking with Vietnamese sensibilities.” This place is bustling with lots of energy. The menu changes often, but some of the classic favorite offerings are the Laotian fried rice, pho, chicken fat rice, and pho French dip. Definitely a worthy addition to this list of the best restaurants in Honolulu.

Koko Head Cafe


The Best Restaurants in Honolulu
Photo Courtesy of Koko Head Cafe


If you love brunch then Koko Head Cafe is the place to visit out of all of these Honolulu restaurants. Brunch is on the menu all day long. Enjoy Chef Lee Anne Wong’s creative twists on Hawaiian staples. This Maui beef skillet dish is topped with avocado crema and pickled peppers. Other recommendations include miso-marinated fish with eggs, as well as the breakfast congee.

Inaba Restaurant

Inaba Restaurant The Best Restaurants in HonoluluPhoto Courtesy of Inaba 

Locals are drawn to Inaba by the homemade soba. Enjoy soba topped with Hokkaido uni and ikura. Another excellent option is the soba with seared duck and mushrooms. For a unique breakfast option, stop by in the morning to enjoy a simple yet satisfying Japanese breakfast set. The authentic cuisine and setting and what put Inaba on our list of best restaurants in Honolulu.

Arancino at the Kahala

Arancino at the Kahala The Best Restaurants in Honolulu
Photo Courtesy of Arancino


Arancino offers a modern take on classic Italian dishes. Executive Chef Daisuke Hamamoto gracefully adds Asian influences to Italian fare. Some of the dishes to try are the Miyazaki wagyu carpaccio, the uni spaghetti, and the whole salt-crusted branzino. The setting is romantic and elegant, making this the perfect choice for date night out of all of these Honolulu restaurants.

Over Easy

Over Easy Honolulu Restaurants
Photo Courtesy of Over Easy


If you have not picked up on it yet, the best restaurants in Honolulu love breakfast. There are several excellent options to choose from. A newer arrival on the scene is Over Easy, a small family run restaurant. The pancakes are great but make sure to try to pig hash, too. It is made with lomi tomatoes and Okinawan sweet potatoes. Another tempting dish is a bowl of rice and Portuguese sausage that you pour bacon-cabbage broth over.

Alan Wong’s Honolulu

Alan Wong's Honolulu Restaurants
Photo Courtesy of Alan Wong’s


Alan Wong’s Honolulu has over two decades of experience and is still one of the best Honolulu restaurants. Visitors love the signature “Da Bag” meal, which is steamed clams with kalua pig and mushrooms. The meal is presented in a giant foil bag that is popped at the table, delighting guests. Ginger crusted red snapper is another popular dish. Be sure to save room for dessert, like the coconut-haupia sorbet that is a showstopper, both in taste and presentation.

Have you been to one of our picks for the best restaurants in Honolulu? To make the most of your trip to Hawaii, be sure to check out the restaurants on the other islands with our list of fine dining options. You are sure to love these Honolulu restaurants as much as our other Hawaiin choices.

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The Best Restaurants in Honolulu