The 8 Best Restaurants in Australia

Australia is a vast continent, admired for its natural beauty and unique culture. The food scene in the land down under has exploded in the last few decades, with world-class dining available across the country. So, which Australian restaurants should you try on your next trip? Here are eight of the best restaurants in Australia to delight the foodie in us all.



Quay The 8 Best Restaurants in Australia
Photo Courtesy of Quay


Located in Sydney, Quay offers guests the best in modern Australian and contemporary cuisine. The views from the restaurant are also noteworthy. Quay has been praised for its beautiful presentation of dishes, exquisite views of the harbor, modernly decorated dining room, and the chef’s use of eclectic Australian ingredients. There is no surprise that this one tops our list of the best Australian restaurants.



Attica Australian Restaurants
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This modern Australian and contemporary cuisine venue is unparalleled in Melbourne. Attica prides itself on embracing overlooked Australian ingredients and cuisines to create fresh, innovative menu options. The restaurant utilizes innovative techniques to prepare dishes that are creative in their flavor and presentation. Be sure to add this one to your list of restaurants in Australia to try while you are in the land down under.

Momofuku Seiobo


Momofuku Seiobo The 8 Best Restaurants in Australia
Photo Courtesy of Momofuku Seiobo


The Momofuko group has outgrown North America and are welcome on our list of Australian restaurants. Sydney, Australia, is home to the first Momofuko location outside the United States. The restaurant offers exciting and innovative Japanese Fusion cuisine. This location is receiving acclaim for preparing complex dishes using local produce. In spite of the intricacies of the dishes, their food retains a feel-good quality to it.

Vue de Monde


Vue de Monde The 8 Best Restaurants in Australia
Photo Courtesy of Vue de Monde


Enjoy modern French contemporary cuisine at Vue de Monde. This Melbourne eatery offers a wonderful dining experience which includes excellent service and a superb international wine list. The menu offers playful and unique interpretations of French cuisine. The restaurant has imaginative decor which makes it a unique addition to our list of restaurants in Australia. It also creates the sense of a fantasy wonderland dining experience.

Wickens at Royal Mail Hotel


Wickens at Royal Mail Hotel Australian Restaurants
Photo Courtesy of Wickens Royal Mail Hotel


When searching for Australian restaurants, do not miss the exceptional experience at the new location of Wickens. The esteemed chef moved his namesake restaurant to the Royal Mail Hotel in 2017. Executive Chef Robin Wickens says “guests dining in the new restaurant will see how its architecture and design connect with the surrounding land, the kitchen garden, the wine collection and references the heritage of the Royal Mail Hotel.” This Dunkeld fine eatery serves contemporary Australian cuisine. Enjoy both the incredible scenic location as well as the fresh local produce with a meal at Wickens.

Restaurant Orana


Restaurant Orana The 8 Best Restaurants in Australia
Photo Courtesy of Restaurant Orana


This 30-seat restaurant in Adelaide is setting a new standard for the use of native Australian ingredients in fine cuisine. Restaurant Orana serves contemporary Australian dining. Food critics have called the menu “exciting” and “innovative.” Jock Zonfrillo’s eatery offers an exquisite 20 taste degustation menu that is highly recommended.

Brae Restaurant


Brae Restaurant The 8 Best Restaurants in Australia
Photo Courtesy of Good Food


This highly acclaimed restaurant in Birregurra gains more and more recognition each year, deservedly so. Gourmet Traveller raves that “There’s a particular pleasure in watching a restaurant become more and more itself and, in so doing, become even more of a pleasure to visit. Brae is five now and performs like a brilliant orchestra, carrying diners along with harmony, skill and soaring moments that swell the heart. Conductor Dan Hunter strives ever onward in the kitchen.” Don’t miss this addition to out list of the best restaurants in Australia.

Cutler & Co.


Cutler & Co. The 8 Best Restaurants in Australia
Photo Courtesy of Cutler & Co.


Chef Andrew McConnell’s restaurant is located in an old metal works factory in Melbourne. Cutler & Co. reflects Chef McConnell’s passion for memorable dining experiences that center around exceptional produce. The venue is a nice balance of elegance and simplicity. The Chef’s Selection menu changes daily, while the classic Sunday lunches offer a relaxed venue for enjoying favorites. If ambiance is important to you when picking Australian restaurants, this one is definitely for you!

Australia has so much to offer visitors, from natural beauty to exotic animals to fantastic food. Be sure to add these restaurants in Australia to your must-visit list on your next trip. While you are in the country, don’t miss the chance to visit the best wines and wineries in Australia.

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The 8 Best Restaurants in Australia