Sorrento Restaurants That Have Michelin Stars

The Amalfi coast is one of Italy’s gems, and a visit to the Sorrento area should be part of everyone’s Italian travel itinerary. In addition to the beautiful scenery and tourist attractions, restaurants in Sorrento offer world-class dining options. The area is home to four two-star Michelin restaurants. Two stars denote restaurants that offer “excellent cooking that is worth a detour.” Here is a list of those Sorrento restaurants that you must visit.

Don Alfonso 1890


Don Alfonso 1890 Sorrento Restaurants That Have Michelin Stars
Photo Courtesy of Don Alfonso 1890


“Run by the Laccarino family, this luxurious restaurant in the heart of Sant’Agata is a bulwark of Mediterranean cuisine and hospitality. Enjoy cuisine with a hint of creativity in a dining room adorned with Vietri ceramics and decorated in eye-catching shades of white and pink. Make sure you visit the wine cellar, housed in genuine caves whose origin dates back to Antiquity.” – MICHELIN Guide inspectors


Ristorante Don Alfonso 1890 is in a 19th-century Neapolitan building which has been meticulously updated and elegantly decorated. The bright colors used in the decorating include citrusy yellows and oranges, reflecting the vibrant local culture and Mediterranean spirit. The philosophy of this family owned restaurant is to create innovative cuisine while respecting the old traditions of the Amalfi coast. The extensive wine list is very impressive. While looking for Sorrento restaurants, this is one you do not want to miss.

Ristorante Quattro Passi


Ristorante Quattro Passi Sorrento Restaurants That Have Michelin Stars
Photo Courtesy of Ristorante Quattro Passi


“All the outdoor tables at this restaurant enjoy views of one of the most romantic bays on the coast, while the cuisine showcases top-quality ingredients from Campania, to which the owner-chef adds his own imaginative twist.” MICHELIN guide inspectors


This Italian nouvelle restaurant is located in a luxurious hotel, so visitors can choose to stay directly there if they wish to experience this two-star Michelin restaurant more than once. The large terrace in a lemon grove offers a spectacular view of the Amalfi coast. The name of the restaurant, Quattro Passi, colloquially translates to “a hop, skip, and a jump.” The establishment is located close to several area attractions, making it easy to access. Delicate touches are evident in the details of the finely prepared meals. Enjoy variations of the ham-and-cheese napoleon or a petit shrimp potpie. Stick around to savor the homemade limoncello that is made on site from locally sourced lemons. Definitely a stand-out among restaurants in Sorrento.

Torre del Saracino


Torre del Saracino Restaurants in Sorrento That Have Michelin Stars
Photo Courtesy of La Torre del Saracino


“Standing next to a military watchtower with views of the Bay of Naples in the distance, this restaurant has a modern, minimalist decor. The exquisitely creative cuisine showcases the full, distinctive flavours of Southern Italy.” MICHELIN guide inspectors


Torre del Saracino has received acclaim both for the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and the stunning location. Arrive by boat for a unique experience, or travel by car if in the area. Local fish and seafood are at the heart of the menu. Cuttlefish is one popular item, as is the chef’s signature Ricotta soup with red mullet fillets. Three tasting menus are available for diners who wish to experience the best of the local produce at Sorrento restaurants.



L'Olivo Sorrento Restaurants That Have Michelin Stars
Photo Courtesy of L’Olivo


“A huge, elegant dining room where the lighting, fabrics and decor create a comfortable and stylish atmosphere. The service gives the restaurant an international feel, while chef Migliaccio from Ischia is a standard-bearer for creative, elegant and sophisticated Mediterranean cuisine.” -MICHELIN guide inspectors


Executive Chef Andrea Migliaccio, a native of the nearby island of Ischia, performs culinary magic. He takes the traditional cuisine of the region and reinterprets it in an elegant, modern way. Enjoy a variety of mouthwatering creations made with locally sourced ingredients. Genovese-style rabbit filled ravioli and a traditional passata made of San Marzano tomatoes with buffalo ricotta and pesto are two outstanding menu items.

So, which of these Sorrento restaurants will you try? Be sure to take our list of restaurants in Sorrento with you on your next trip. While you are on the Amalfi coast, consider a day trip to a nearby hidden gem of a city. Learn more about this historic city (which is also home to a Michelin star restaurant) and what there is to see there in our guide to Pozzuoli.

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Sorrento Restaurants That Have Michelin Stars