The Four Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Boston

Fusion cuisine has permeated the country and the world and that permeation includes the city of Boston. Boston may not be famous for its Asian cuisine, but there is a great deal of amazing Asian food here. You really need to experience some when you visit this city. To help you, here are our picks for the four best Asian fusion restaurants in Boston.

Shojo Boston



At Shojo Boston you will find offbeat takes on modern Asian fare. This trendy, late-night gastropub contains elaborate murals and also a happy crowd. As they note, a Shojo is “A Japanese sea spirit with red face and hair that has a fondness for alcohol, especially Sake.” In addition to their innovative dishes like the monkey chicken wings, their kimchi fried rice, the grilled Kung Pao chicken sandwich, or the duck fat fries, they boast an impressive sake list as well as a host of craft cocktails. Here you will find small sharable plates as they encourage you to try many things tapas style. You will also find that the menu changes seasonally to incorporate the best ingredients available.

Mei Mei



Billed as “Creative Chinese-American Food”, Mei Mei boasts a locally-sourced menu that is made with love. Both their love of great food and their love of sharing it with their customers who undoubtedly become fans. Their fusion of Asian and American foods features dishes like scallion pancake sandwiches or three sisters dumplings. You will also find a wide range of drinks both with alcohol or without. This keeps their throngs of delighted customers coming back to their restaurant. They also have a busy food truck that you may spot around the city. The food truck has become a popular staple for weddings and parties as well.


Many of our dishes start with an idea of a Chinese dish or maybe even a memory of something we ate when growing up in a Boston-based Chinese-American family. That’s where our pork dumplings and scallion pancake dishes come from – but we veer off course to add sharp Hunter’s cheddar or local greens pesto, something you’d never see in a traditional Chinese dish.





In a setting with rich, violet walls, modern decor, and Korean pop art, Koy is, as they note, “an eclectic restaurant and bar dedicated to creating a unique experience for locals and tourists alike – a true blend of old-world Korean cuisine paired with fresh, international flavors. Dine with us and add a little spice to your every day!” Be sure to try the drunken noodles or the hot stone bibimbap. We would also recommend the cheesesteak and the the chili shrimp. Their take on Korean fusion is both exciting as well as extremely delicious. The restaurant’s Chef de Cuisine is Danny Chang who is the heart and soul of Koy.

Twelve Hours



With a menu focused on true Asian fusion and noodles of the Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese varieties, Twelve Hours is a popular casual spot. As they note, their name “comes from the length of time in order to prepare, cook and boil the broth.” They are also open twelve hours a day. They also go on to note that “our portions are as large as our desires, and even though we’re a small café, there is nothing small about our service and quality.” We suggest that you try the Crispy Wonton Sriracha Pad Thai and the Avocado Bun.

Is your mouth watering yet? Of course it is! These Asian fusion restaurants in Bean Town are more than tantalizing, they’re must-visit spots when you visit Boston. While you’re taking an Asian fusion tour, you’ll want to head south to North Carolina and experience The Four Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Charlotte.

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The Four Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Boston