Members Only: What It’s Like to Be a Member of the World’s Best Private Clubs

Membership has its privileges and nowhere is that more evident than in a private club. You may tour or a visit a club with a friend, but what is it really like to be a member at one of these establishments? As you’d expect, it’s the epitome of luxury. We’re taking you inside some of the best to give you an idea of what it’s like to be a member.

Yacht Club de Monaco


Members Only: What It’s Like to Be a Member of the World’s Best Private Clubs


Of course, our list has to include a club in Monaco, it’s one of the most luxurious cities in the world and as such, its residents and visitors expect the best. Whether you’re arriving via plane, train, car, or superyacht, the Yacht Club de Monaco is the best place to spend your time during your visit.


Founded in 1953 by Prince Rainier and presided over by HSH Prince Sovereign Albert II since 1984, the Yacht Club de Monaco brings together more than 1600 members from 66 nationalities. Many of the world’s most prestigious private yachts fly the Yacht Club de Monaco’s burgee, testimony to its unique position on the international yachting scene.


Housed in a building that was designed by Lord Foster of Foster + Partners in association with the Giraldi firm, the building was designed with an eco-responsible approach and was launched in 2014. Assuming you’re adhering to their strict dress code, you’ll arrive in one of several common areas that guests can visit. As a member, you’ll also be privy to private members-only areas that include a gym, an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant with a panoramic view, and a library filled with 1,600 nautical reference books.



Members Only: What It’s Like to Be a Member of the World’s Best Private Clubs
Photo courtesy of Silencio


One of the newest members-only clubs in the world, Silencio was founded in 2011 to welcome people in the creative and artistic communities. The best way to gain approval for a membership is through a referral, but they also have an application process in the event you’re not friendly with one of their members… yet.

If you opt for their La Carte+ level of membership, your benefits include the ability to bring two guests and priority access to their small, private cinema as well as to concerts, talks, and tastings. The benefits extend to priority for their fashion shows, movie premieres, private tours, books, catalogs, tables, access to Silencio Hors Les Murs, and, their complimentary deluxe concierge service which is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The venue is in the heart of historic Paris in a building built in 1883 by Architect Ferdinand Bal with a history as a printing press known for its printing of leftwing, arts-focused publications. A fitting home for this arts-centric club.

Core Club




New York’s Core Club is unique in that it is a traditional-style social club, but one that is geared toward the digital age. In a time when a younger generation may not feel that a private club will cater to them, Core Club does just that by employing high-tech assets and cultural programming. Their programming includes talks with well-known industry leaders including the likes of Google’s Eric Schmidt and Sir Richard Branson; as well as private concerts, film screenings, and art exhibits.

The club itself is, in a word, stunning in its design and level of service. A mix of modern and tradition, the design reflects their approach to what it means to be a private club in today’s society. This isn’t your grandfather’s club (though he’s likely to enjoy the modern take on his stuffy old club), rather, it’s a club that is beginning to set the standard for the way members-only clubs will be operating in the future. Of course, they have all of the top-level services you’d expect from a private club such as a full-service concierge, dining, fitness, and partnerships with many luxury lifestyle partners that provide access to the best of the best in the world.

Does the idea of a members-only club appeal to you? Which one of these is most appealing to you, will it be the arts-centric Silencio in Paris, the tech-centric Core Club in New York, or the traditional Yacht Club de Monaco? These, of course, are our current favorites, but for more you can also try these five members only clubs.

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Members Only: What It’s Like to Be a Member of the World’s Best Private Clubs