Why You Need The Porsche 718 T

The Porsche 718 T is described as being “reduced to maximum driving pleasure.” The puristic design of the 1968 911 T now lives in the new range of the two-seater Porsche sportscar. The new model in the Boxster and Cayman ranges is designed for those who truly want a “Touring” vehicle (which the T in the name represents). While many automakers have focused on enhanced passenger experience and lavish interiors, Porsche has opted to go back to the basics and present a car that drivers will love.

The Concept


The Concept of The Porsche 718 T
Photo Courtesy of Porsche


The Porsche 718 T is described as a purist’s sports car that just needs you and the open road. The car is designed for those who think that having no destination in mind is the best way to travel. The 718 T series is for those who want to hit the open road and drive when they escape the confines of boardrooms and meetings. The new 718 Boxter T and 718 Cayman T are the thoroughbreds of the Porsche sportscar. These models have one mission: to drive for the sake of driving. Those who want to leave the everyday routine behind will be enchanted by these vehicles.

Exterior of the Porsche 718 T


The Exterior of the Porsche 718 T
Photo Courtesy of Porsche


The side profile of both the 718 Boxter T and the 718 Cayman T are sleek, muscular, and highlight the engine layout. The 20-inch Carrera S wheels are framed in large wheel arches. Dark grey paint accents add to the sophistication of the exterior design. Large air intakes, as well as wings, make clear that this is a vehicle for speed. The broad rear of the vehicle features the logo for the particular model. The sports exhaust system has a centrally located twin tailpipe in black.

Interior of the Porsche 718 T


Interior of The Porsche 718 T
Photo Courtesy of Porsche


Less is more is the aesthetic for the interior of these vehicles. The designers focused on three things when planning the interiors of the 718 T series: driving, driving, driving. This hyperfocus results in an interior with excellent ergonomics. The short distance between the steering wheel and the gear level enhance the driver’s experience. Direct access to all the important vehicle functions means the driver can focus on driving and not other distractions. The interior is black and sporty, but there are a variety of customization options available as well.

The Porsche Sportscar Engine

The new 718 Boxter T and 718 Cayman T models both have the 2.0 liter turbocharged horizontally opposed engine located just behind the driver. The engine is mounted deep to optimize the vehicle’s center of gravity. The engine meets all current European emissions standards. Both models can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per house in an astonishing 5.1 seconds.

The Chassis

The 718 Boxter T and 718 Cayman T are both completely in sync with the road thanks to a precise and agile chassis. The body sits lower than previous models. The lighter weight, low center of gravity, precision balance, wide track, and long wheelbase make this a touring driver’s dream car.

The Mode Switch


Porsche 718 T Porsche Sportscar
Photo Courtesy of Porsche


The mode switch on the GT sports steering wheel allows drivers to select one of four settings. The options are Normal, SPORT, SPORT Plus, and Individual Mode. This gives the driver more control. You can adapt the vehicle to move the way you want to drive.

There are multiple other reasons to fall in love with the Porsche 718 T series, including the Porsche Connect option and the Sound Package Plus system. Visit the Porsche site for more details and images about this exciting new series for 2019. So, will you be driving a new Porsche sportscar this year? Are you eager to learn what else is new as far as automotive choices for 2019? We offer a preview of some of the new arrivals in our article about the best luxury crossovers for 2019.

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Why You Need The Porsche 718 T