Who’s Shaping Interior Design Trends in 2018

Big changes are on the horizon for interior design.  From earth conscious design to velvet, we have all of the details you need to stay current.  Be sure to keep a watch on these top innovators in home design in 2018.

High Point Market – Earth Conscious Designs



Twice a year, over 75,000 people flock to High Point, North Carolina for the High Point Market.  With 180 buildings and 11.5 million square feet of show space, more than 2000 exhibitors representing over 100 countries, and tens of thousands of new product introductions, this market is the event for the furnishings industry.  The trade show is only open to members, but design enthusiasts can keep track of emerging trends by following the High Point Market website.

At the most recent event, eco friendly and sustainable designs were all the buzz.  Natural, sustainable, and clean products are more than just a buzz word…they are in demand and selling very well. In her keynote, Robin Wilson explained that consumers want sustainable products because they see it as having a positive effect on their family’s health.  She estimates that this demand represents as much as $60 billion in home furnishings sales. 2017 saw the rise in popularity of furniture made from recycled plastics and leather alternatives made from pineapple leaves. Forecasts for 2018 are that this aesthetic will become more sleek, with a rise in products that consider both the environment and chic design.

Dan Fink – Bringing Velvet Back


Who’s Shaping Interior Design Trends in 2018
Image via Dan Fink


Dan Fink is an interior design studio with a passion for reinventing traditional interior design processes to fit the needs of their 21st century clients.  Their work, comprised of both residential and commercial projects, is both modern and heartfelt. In 2018 we see more interior designers following the lead of creatives like Dan Fink.  Spaces are less about strict design and more about creating living spaces that are both beautiful and cozy.  Texture is utilized to create rooms that are less sterile and more inviting. The forerunner for luxe textures that are still liveable and casual is velvet.

A glimpse at the Dan Fink portfolio shows how effortlessly touches of velvet are interspersed throughout the design.  From sofas to pillows to curtains, it is easy to add the everyday luxury of velvet to your decor.  Opt for new poly-blend velvets that are lush while still being childproof and easy to maintain.  Velvet is a multi dimensional fabric that add warmth and texture to any room, a big trend in 2018.

Ben Pentreath – Comfort Spaces


Who’s Shaping Interior Design Trends in 2018
Image via Ben Pentreath


Ben Pentreath has a background in Art History in addition to his degree in architecture, and design experience in both the United States as well as his native United Kingdom.  His design team prides themselves on “designing places that work beautifully for the long term, and feel right for place.” This focus on creating spaces that are lifestyle centered is exactly what will be trending in 2018.

As more people work from home, work from coffee shops, or work from communal workspaces, the boundaries between work and leisure are becoming blurred. Interior design has become more casual and less formal, with a focus on creating a design that provides an experience rather than a look.  Retail spaces start to look more like living rooms.  Living room designs start to incorporate work spaces.  As technology enables us to take work and pleasure with us everywhere, our designs have evolved to suit those needs.



Who’s Shaping Interior Design Trends in 2018


DIMORESTUDIO began in 2003 and was founded by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran. They explain that their work “interprets memories and creates dreams”. They mesh art, design, fashion, and architecture to create work that can aptly be described as extravagant. DIMORESTUDIO fearlessly combines old with new, prints with patterns, mixed metals, and other unexpected choices to create designs that are expressive and visually stunning.

While consumers have embraced Scandinavian inspired minimalism in design for the past several years, 2018 is poised to be the year for a marked shift to maximalism.  Consumers want to express themselves, and DIMORESTUDIO allows them to do just that.  They are leading the charge and breaking up the monochromatic, look alike design images that have dominated social media. Be prepared to see bolder color, texture, and design choices this year.

So, tell us, which of these top designers will you keep an eye on in 2018?  What is your favorite new trend?

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Who’s Shaping Interior Design Trends in 2018