Michelin Star Restaurants in Chicago

When looking for fine dining experiences around the world, travelers often gravitate toward those that have earned the Michelin Star.  This is because restaurants that are awarded with such ranking have several things in common.  These commonalities include phenomenal cuisine, creative and innovative presentations, and an exquisite atmosphere focused on the experience of dining.  All of these qualities equate to a fine dining experience.   Today, we are going to talk about Michelin Star luxury restaurants in Chicago.  Most importantly ones that you don’t want to miss on your next trip!   

Alinea: Top Rated Luxury Restaurant

First on our list of Michelin Star luxury restaurants in Chicago is Alinea.  A phenomenon created by Grant Achatz, Alinea represents the best fine dining in Chicago with 3 stars even after this year’s reinvention.  Those who experience Alinea will encounter a revolutionary dinner experience that focuses on innovative cuisine and dining.  Chef Grant Achatz, who trained with the likes of Thomas Keller at The French Laundry, merges art and science, drawing foodies worldwide.  Guests with open minds, a taste for creativity and divine cuisine will appreciate the uniqueness of Alinea.  For that reason, there’s no wonder Alinea is on the list of Michelin Star Restaurants in Chicago!

Grace: Three Star Luxury Restaurant

Next on our list of luxury restaurants in Chicago is Curtis Duffy’s Grace.  Grace has earned three stars for three years in a row making it a definitive fine dining experience.  Above all, Duffy’s culinary style shines with a focus on “elegant, graceful cuisine”. 

While Duffy puts a spotlight on ingredients, he also draws on his experience in a way that uses technique to amplify flavor.  You’ll be presented with a choice between two menus, which change seasonally.  These choices include Grace’s “Fauna” menu designed for vegetarian diners and the “Flora” menu for non-vegetarian diners.  Because of this, Grace offers some of the best fine dining in Chicago.  

Acadia: New American Cuisine in the Windy City

Ryan McCaskey’s, Acadia, features New American cuisine in the South Loop area of Chicago.  At Acadia, the food is artistic,  progressive and extremely delightful in taste.  The luxury restaurant in Chicago also features an impressive wine selection and unique cocktails.  Additionally, guests can choose where they’d like to dine.  These choices include a “formal” dining room or a more casual bar area.  Those who dine in the bar will experience a more affordable alternative to the formal area of the restaurant.  Consequently, Acadia offers fine dining in Chicago with an accessibility that many travelers will enjoy!

Oriole: Noah Sandoval’s Fine Dining Experience

Finally, the exquisite Michelin star luxury restaurant in Chicago, Oriole, offers an extended tasting menu.  These offerings are presented by Executive Chef & Owner Noah Sandoval and Pastry Chef & Partner Genie Kwon.  Since everything about Oriole is interactive and stimulating, dishes give guests a thought-inducing and collective experience.  For that reason, dinner at Oriole is the absolute focal point of the evening.  The restaurant offers seating for 28 in a sophisticated dining room shared with an open kitchen.  Not only is Oriole one of the many Michelin Star Restaurants in Chicago, it is consequently a Jean Banchet award-winner.  

Do you see why you must visit these Michelin Star Restaurants in Chicago?!

Which of the mentioned Michelin Star luxury restaurants in Chicago are you going to try?  Our best advice is to do some research ahead of your next trip and be sure to visit as many of them as you can!  Here’s another tip.  Make sure to book reservations early and also keep in mind many are non-refundable.  If you follow this advice we know you will have a memorable trip and lots of fun with fine dining in Chicago!

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Michelin Star Restaurants in Chicago