.Luxury Gift Guide: The Gentleman

When you’re shopping for people who prefer the very best, it can be a challenge to pick a thoughtful gift that they haven’t already purchased for themselves. The second in our series of gift guides will ensure that the present you wrap up for the gentleman in your life is something he will treasure for years to come.

Meet the Gentleman

Rugged yet refined, his manners are as impeccable as his carefully tailored shirts. He is an intuitive man about town, picking up sartorial cues from the zeitgeist, finding inspiration in timeless architecture, and carefully amassing a collection of the finest drams of scotch (although he knows a thing or two about IPAs as well).

The gentleman shops primarily when required, but keeps a constant eye on a few respected tastemakers and authorities. He delights in the rare, is complimentary of innovative pieces with a timeless aesthetic, and is always searching for the next thing to satisfy his creative curiosities.

Dennis Hopper’s Record Collection


Handwritten note on Dennis Hopper's record collection

Vinyl is forever, and American actor, filmmaker and creative Dennis Hopper boasted an unrepeatable collection. Handwritten notes to the actor from various artists accompany iconic albums from The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Leonard Cohen and others—including several unreleased records. Part biography and part time capsule, Hopper’s record collection is a music lover’s dream.

Foreverspin Tungsten Top


Foreverspin tops

From far flung days past to the big screen (cue Christopher Nolan’s Inception), the top has come a long way. Updated by Foreverspin as a polished desk ornament meant to boost creativity, these updated talismans can turn for minutes on end on their stainless steel and silica glass spinning bases, allowing the owner to zone out into daydream.

Dietrich O.Time-5 on Vintage Leather Tailored Strap


Vintage Leather Watch

Watch designer Emmanuel Dietrich’s concept of “organic time” is woven through his timepieces, reflecting what he calls a “singular world … a balance between feelings, forms, sensations and pleasure.” His design is manifested in this intricately crafted piece featuring a four-layer dial, bronze detailing and custom cut sapphire glass, as well as a dark brown vintage leather strap.

Colombo Blue Cashmere Jersey Blazer with Inner Down Vest


Colombo Jersey Blazer & Down Vest

Sourced from Inner Mongolia and manufactured in an Italian alpine valley, practicality meets function in this three-in-one look from Lanificio Colombo. Fisherman’s rib knitting adds handcrafted design detailing to the outer cashmere blazer fit for dinners, relaxing at home, or casual outings. The inner vest also features horizontal quilting for classic outdoor appeal. Each can be worn separately or combined for a softer outerwear look.

R. Murphy Knives Shellfish Roll-Up Set


Shellfish knife set

Steeped in a history that runs back to 1850s Boston, this shucker’s set combines everything needed to live the life aquatic: a crabmeat knife cast and hardened from stainless steel; a little neck clam knife with a sharpened edge and rounded tip for easy opening and hand-comfort; as well as a New England shucker, designed for professional shuckers to hinge and twist at will. Doe tan leather ties secure the set in a supple full grain cowhide casing.

Alexander McQueen Silk-Jacquard Pocket Square


Alexander McQueen Pocket Square

The dandy style of a 1960s England meets the rebel spirit of the house of McQueen. The label’s signature pin dots and skulls in a black and anthracite palette make a guest appearance in this Italian-made square, so the wearer is ready to start the week with an edge or make an impression over dinner.

Tom Dixon Cube Brushed Silver-Tone Desk Tidy


Classy men's silver desk tidy

Britain’s rebel-without-a-cause turned industrial designer brings his metal-is-more creative philosophy to home organization. Cast from silver-tone alloy and given a brushed finish, this desk tidy pairs with a set that includes a pen and stapler, as well as a tape dispenser, but has no problem standing solo on your desk. Stray pins, mechanical pencils and clips have found a resting place.

Bruno Cuncinelli Leather Holdall


Bruno Cuncinelli Leather Holdall

Weekend escapes and business class travel get a welcome upgrade thanks to this stylish example of Italian craftsmanship. Premium leather stitched to perfection, this holdall also has functional zips to fit a sizeable section of your wardrobe. Pairs well with rented vintage automobiles and snaking highways.

For more gift guides for people of discerning taste, visit Discover.Luxury weekly. The World Traveller, the Connoisseur, and the Technophile are coming up next.

Photos: Moda Operandi, Foreverspin, Dietrich, Lanificio Colombo, R. Murphy Knives, Mr. Porter, Mr. Porter, Mr. Porter

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